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  • A novel heterogenous Co3O4-nanocube/Co(OH)2-nanosheet hybrid is prepared by a controllable facile one-pot
    hydrothermal reaction. The resulting Co3O4 nanocubes are highly uniform in morphology, and are distributed
    uniformly on the individual Co(OH)2 nanosheets. Such unique nanostructural features show significant
    advantages for applications as flexible supercapacitor electrodes in terms of enhanced durability and
    capacitance. The as-prepared electrode has offered a large capacitance of 1164 F g?1 at 1.2 A g?1. When being
    paired with activated carbon, the resulting flexible all-solid-state device exhibited a maximum energy density of
    9.4 mWh cm?3. It is worthwhile noting that this as-assembled device showed little capacitance decay after over
    5000 cycles with 97.4% retention of its original specific capacitance. Such a high performance outperforms most
    metal oxides-based electrodes and shows the advantages of the hybrid strategy, which shed light on exploring
    robust and cheap electrode materials for high-performance flexible supercapacitors.


    Huan Pang,Xinran Li,Qunxing Zhao,Huaiguo Xue,Wen-Yong Lai,Zheng Hu,Wei Huang.


    Nano Energy,35,138-145(2017)