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  • About Us

    SPM manufacturer

    Being was founded by Dr. Chunli Bai who is the chief scientist in Nano-technology on 8th, December, 1988. Since its foundation, Being is dedicated to SPM research, manufacture and services.

    Professional SPM manufacturer

    CSTM/CSPM/BY series SPM has been sold over 300 sets all over mainland China and overseas. There are high-lever users of Being in United States, Japan, Singapore, HongKong and Taiwan. Over 500 scientific journals have been published globally.

    SPM research Base

    CSTM/CSPM/BY series SPM For years, Being has been dedicated in SPM researches. We developed the first STM, AFM, Laser-AFM, Low-temperature STM, LFM and MFM in China. Both the best research team and application team in China has most experience in SPM develops.


    CSTM/CSPM/BY series SPM We develop not only the most common functions such as STM, AFM, LFM but also some latest techniques as Conductive AFM, MFM/LFM, SPM in liquid, Environmental Control SPM and Nano-Processing...